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The Import Doctors knows how to service and maintain almost any make and model, from timeless classics to the latest releases. We are specialists in specific vehicle makes. By specializing in select makes, we are able to provide you superior service, experience and knowledge of you vehicle that you dont get with your average service facility. We Equip our team with all the specialized tools, software and training to ensure your vehicle is well taken care off.

Brand Fiat


1967 - Present

We know and love FIAT, and we know you do, too. We have an intimate relationship with ours. Schedule to bring your FIAT in, and see the magic we can do by improving its lifelong performance.

Brand Mercedes


1952 - Present

You own a Mercedes and value its long tradition, reliability, performance and luxury all in one amazing machine. We take great pride in our work, as you do in your Mercedes.

Brand Mini Cooper

2001 to Present

We have an understanding of what a MINI needs, and what it requires to keep them happy. If your MINI is happy, then your happy. As MINI specialists, you car will receive the detailed attention it deserves.

Brand Porsche


1954 - Present

When it comes to Porsche, we are a little bias. We cant imagine a world without Porsche. We will maintain your Porsche with care. If your 356, 997, or 958 needs a someone to care for it, we have the time.



1954 - Present

Volkswagen is what we all started on. VW's are part of our family.  We been working on VW over 45 years. Air Cooled, Vanagon, Eurovan to the Atlas. We seen and done it all. Let us help your VW last for generations.

Brand Vintage


Prior to 1994

Over the years we have helped car collectors, families, and enthusiasts get their Vintage cars performing as they did in their glory days. Whether carbureted, mechanical injection, CIS, or diesel. We help source, and sometimes manufacture the parts needed for our projects.

Toyota Service Seattle


Built for life.

Toyota -  As we all know Toyota has been making great cars and trucks for decades. We can help you keep you 4-runner or Prius on the road for generations. Hybrid systems to off road upgrades, we are here to help.

Subaru Service Seattle


Get where you want to be.

We’ve been working on and under Subaru vehicles for decades. We provide all services including engine rebuilds to  basic oil changes. The Northwest loves Subaru, we love the Northwest.



Experience Amazing

Lexus are a balance of luxury and reliability. As performance is not the primary focus, they are amazing driving vehicles. Keeping your Lexus feeling and performing as it was designed is our goel. An amazing experience and beautiful ride.

Mazda Service Seattle


Simplified to Perfection

Mazda has been on our heart since the RX-7 through today. Mazda has built simple well engineered vehicles for decades. Reliable and priced for everyone. We know Mazda, from rotary engines to Skyactive.


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Eurovan Service Seattle
VW Engine Rebuild Service
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VW Tdi Service
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