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Audi Sedan


Quality Service,   Professionalism,   Commitment to Excellence

The Import Doctors will do more than just fix your immediate automotive issues! Our professional team will also advise you on ways to prepare for future services and help you save time and money in the future. Our services are done by a staff that is professional and knowledgeable. Our team is ready and qualified for any challenge your vehicle may offer.

European Vehicle  Service

Performance and Technology

You’re a busy person — don’t let your car problems get in your way. The Import Doctors has the proper equipment and experience to identify, repair and/or replace the issue quickly and effectively. Call us to take care of your European car systems needs today.

Japanese Vehicle Service

Reliability and Comfort

Our Japanese vehicle specific services are catered to your vehicle. Our Technicians expertise in Vintage and present technology, is what sets apart. Stop by and talk to our techs or schedule online with The Import Doctors today. Our Technicians know what to do.


The Classic

The Import Doctors has the experience to help keep your vintage vehicle running smoothly. We offer quality customer service and will treat your automobile as if it were our own. Carburetor, CIS Injection and Kugelfischer services, leave with your vehicle feeling brand new. You’ll be amazed by the difference in your vehicles' performance after our technicians service your vintage.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Making Good Decisions

You’re a busy person — and buying a pre-owned car can be stressful. Don't make a decision without a pre-purchase inspection. Our team of experienced mechanics will thoroughly inspect the vehicle and provide you with a detailed report of any issues found. With our inspection, you can make an informed decision and avoid costly surprises down the road. Contact us today to schedule your pre-purchase inspection.

Diesel Services

Miles and Miles

TDI, CDI, BlueTec, and even BMW d. If you have a diesel you know one of these terms. Diesel owner are different from the rest. So are the technicians who work on them. We are intamatly familiar with our european diesel technology. We can help keep your diesel running for the next generation.

Scheduled Maintenance

Keeping on Schedule

Scheduled maintenance is critical to keeping you vehicle running at optimum level. Your manufacturer has provided a schedule for us to follow. We will keep you on schedule, so you feel confident on the road.


Hours of Operation

Visit Us

Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5:30PM 
Sat: By Appointment Only.

 Sun: Closed

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